Sunday, November 1, 2009

OB - The Poet's Version

I have opened my eyes today,

To sleep over my yesterday.

I look for inspiration in my tomorrow,

Because I see myself waiting to grow.

Vicarious learning guided me in the teens,

Knowledge I picked waiting to burst like beans.

Entrusted myself to pursue the challenges of management,

I have realized that I have to disengage from my enchantment.

The world out there is highly demanding,

Where there might be many a crash-landing.

But I am travelling in the right direction,

Equipped with the ideal OB education.

My perception will guide me like the north star,

To explore avenues wide and far.

What really defines me clearly is my personality,

Where my determination has the touch of audacity.

The power of this intense grit seldom fails,

Even while facing the high seas on sails.

Now I pause to look back ,

To conclude that life has been my greatest teacher.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Break Up!!!!!

I hav carved a name of urs on my heart without the use of a knife,
sketched ur picture of smile in my eyes without a charcoal ,
cud smell ur fragrance without the use of a perfume ,
and cud hear ur name ringing without getting ur call..
but when i reach out to touch u , the glass is in between us ..

Quote Unquote

Destiny is not measured by the miles to travel, but by the strength of ur feet to stand up to the odds

Quote Unquote

The darkest hour needs juz an illuminated second for a better tomorrow

Quote Unquote

Never wait for the stars to shine upon u, instead strive to be the star to shine on others' lives

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Pink Rendezvous

Work is a necessity for most people around the world,

For others work is a luxury ready to unfold.

Enchanted by the challenges IT had to offer,

I decided to thrust myself for my daily bread and butter.

Entered into the corridors of recursive uncertainty,

All I had for inspiration was the coding fraternity.

The world around me looked bleak in the heat of Sun,

I could not resist myself to engage in some gaming fun.

Glancing at my dear colleagues working around,

I spotted a girl who seemed to belong to the tinsel town.

Did I see an aura around this belle?

This made me feel perhaps she is an angel.

Lady luck smiled at me with an open heart,

I jumped with glee to know both were playing the same part.

Sat beside her on our first day for Chevron,

It made me realize that a close friendship was reborn.

When she smiled, my eyes dint wanna blink,

When she graced, Used to wonder how she is so pink.

Wished I could be glued to her mesmerizing smile,

I wanna dwell in it even if she was away many a mile.

Sometimes her mood changes at the rate of knots,

Seldom could this hide the brightness of her curious eyes.

Never felt so thrilled before with someone so unpredictable,

In friendships such uncertainties are so desirable.

She was a cute looking doll for me,

I might even perceive she was a real Barbie.

Days flew by with her by my side,

I dint know if there will be a change in tide.

In the doldrums of testing times,

I will be by your side with an inspiring rhyme.

In the bliss of it all,

I wanna be with you when u r walking tall.

Some people remain with us for some time,

Some others for a greater deal of time,

Some others with a bit of fervor,

But only few like her are etched in heart forever

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shreeks thought for the day !!!

"Success does not come when u keep eyeing the target u miss , it comes when u eye the next best target u can hit."