Sunday, November 1, 2009

OB - The Poet's Version

I have opened my eyes today,

To sleep over my yesterday.

I look for inspiration in my tomorrow,

Because I see myself waiting to grow.

Vicarious learning guided me in the teens,

Knowledge I picked waiting to burst like beans.

Entrusted myself to pursue the challenges of management,

I have realized that I have to disengage from my enchantment.

The world out there is highly demanding,

Where there might be many a crash-landing.

But I am travelling in the right direction,

Equipped with the ideal OB education.

My perception will guide me like the north star,

To explore avenues wide and far.

What really defines me clearly is my personality,

Where my determination has the touch of audacity.

The power of this intense grit seldom fails,

Even while facing the high seas on sails.

Now I pause to look back ,

To conclude that life has been my greatest teacher.

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